Never Let Your Child Out of Sight Again With StayClose™

StayClose™- 2 PackStayClose™- 2 PackStayClose™- 2 PackStayClose™- 2 Pack

It Only Takes Seconds For Something To Go Wrong

Now You Can Be Ready 

for Anything with 


Just Attach One End to 

Your Wrist and the Other 

End to Your Child

*Locking Mechanism on Your Wrist Band Allows You to Secure the Child's Wrist Band

It Can be Easy for a Child to Wander Off Into 

Danger and Get Lost!

Get the Peace Of Mind 

You Deserve!

So Many Places to Enjoy Your Children with Less Worry!

Because Kids Like to Feel Independent!

StayClose™has just over 6 ft. (2m) of length, keeping kids close enough to be safe, while giving some independence